nintendo-logoThe Nintendo NX is a huge mystery as no one knows what to expect, save for the fact that we know that the console exists. In fact many believe that the NX is still the codename for the console and it is not its official name, although Nintendo has yet to confirm that, but it seems that could change next week.

According to investment firm Macquarie Group, they seem to believe that the Nintendo NX could actually be officially unveiled as early as next week. We have heard that details of the console could be shared in the fall of 2016 ahead of it going on sale in 2017, so we guess next week’s as good a time as any, although it does admittedly feel a bit abrupt as we would have expected Nintendo to tease or hint at an unveiling.

In addition to revealing the date of the NX’s announcement, the investment firm also seemed to suggest that the price of the console was going to be a “major disappointment” for volume sales. Apparently they believe Nintendo will be pricing the console between $300-350 which we suppose is actually good news for customers.

The goal is to try and keep it in line with the pricing of existing consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, both of which (and their newer variants like the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S) are also priced somewhere in that range. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but we have to admit that we are very curious about the console and whether or not it will have what it takes to help Nintendo rebound from the Wii U, so check back with us next week to see if there are any details to be had.

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