nintendo_switch_zeldaWhen the Nintendo Switch was revealed, there was one thing that many were wondering: does it have touchscreen functionality? Throughout the entire video, the people in the trailer did not interact with the Switch via its display. Instead we see them playing with the console via its various controllers, which led to some speculating that maybe there was no touchscreen.

However the folks at Eurogamer beg to differ. According to a number of their sources (one of whom accurately leaked the Switch’s design), they have told the publication that the Switch actually has a multitouch display that measures 6.2-inches (the video doesn’t really tell us how big it is). To give you a bit of context, this means that the display portion of the Switch and not counting its controllers is actually smaller than the Sony Xperia Z Ultra’s 6.4-inch display, which makes it a pretty portable device.

Unfortunately it seems that despite it being a device from 2016, its display resolution leaves much to be desired because Eurogamer is reporting that it will have a 720p HD resolution. Like we said, it is disappointing especially when you consider that there are phones that are considerably older that have a higher resolution.

However these are rumors so they’re best taken with a grain of salt. Nintendo did state that the details will only be revealed in 2017 which the company has only recently scheduled for the 12th of January.

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