pokemon-goWhen Pokemon GO was first released, there was a ton of excitement surrounding the game which we guess is understandable. However some players were too excited to the point where they actually got into accidents while playing the game while driving. Niantic tried to fix this by issuing warning messages, but it looks like the company has since stepped things up.

In the latest update to the game, Niantic has actually made it pretty much impossible to play the game while driving. How does this work? Basically if you have the game running and it detects that you are driving at 30 miles an hour or more, Pokemon will no longer spawn in your area, and that distance that counts towards eggs hatching and Buddy Pokemon will no longer be registered.

Like we said, prior to this the app only issued warnings which players were more than welcome to bypass by saying that they weren’t driving. The upside here is that this feature will prevent gamers from driving and playing the game at the same time, although we guess there are workarounds like traveling under 30 miles an hour.

However the downside is that this pretty much prevents gamers on any form of transportation from playing the game, like if you are the passenger in the car, or if you are on a bus or the train. We’re guessing it won’t be a very popular update but if it means keeping players safe, we guess that’s one way to go about it.

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