Pokemon GO Sees 35% Increase In Active Usage Since May

Pokemon GO was understandably met with a ton of excitement when it first launched. However over time it wasn’t surprising to see interest in the game wane a bit. However it seems that in the past few months, interest in the game has picked up again, according to a post on Niantic’s website.

Pokemon GO Gets New ‘Niantic Kids’ Login System

If you’re a parent and you’re a bit concerned about letting your kids play Pokemon GO over privacy concerns, you’ll be relieved to learn that there will be new tools introduced to help you deal with that. Dubbed Niantic Kids, this is a new logic system that Niantic and SuperAwesome developed.

Pokemon Go Revenues Cross $1.8 Billion Worldwide

Niantic’s Pokemon Go quickly became a global phenomenon not too long after it was released. The title has made a lot of money across the globe and the latest figures suggest that the worldwide Pokemon Go revenue has now crossed $1.8 billion. The title was believed to have cross $1 billion in revenue back in January last year.

‘Ingress: The Animation’ Announced For Netflix This October

With all the success surrounding Pokemon GO, we’re sure that along the way some might have forgotten that before Niantic was working on Pokemon GO, they were actually working on a game called Ingress in which some of Pokemon GO’s concepts and features are based on. For those who do remember Ingress, you’ll soon be able to relive the game in a slightly different way.


Pokemon Go Developer Niantic To Map The World In 3D

Niantic, best known as the developer of the popular Pokemon Go title, has revealed its plans to map the world in 3D with the help of players. Its plans to build augmented reality maps were confirmed by Niantic CEO John Hanke today. Niantic wants to play a major role in digital mapping and it’s looking to leverage its massive community for that purpose.

Pokemon Go Fest Heading Back To Chicago This Summer

Pokemon Go quickly became popular when it came out and while the hype has died down considerably since then, there are still many people who still play this game. Developer Niantic leveraged the title’s popularity last year by launching the Pokemon Go Fest which had quite a lot of shortcomings but fans remain of the view that they would like this fan event to return. They will now be happy […]

Pokemon Go Will Finally Make Its Way To China

Pokemon Go quickly became a global phenomenon when it was launched in 2016. Since developer Niantic didn’t have a local partner in China, it wasn’t able to launch the game in the world’s largest smartphone market. Two years after the game was originally launched, it’s finally making its way to China as Niantic has struck a deal with a local partner.

Pokemon Go Apple ARKit Update Might Be Out Soon

According to a new report, Niantic might release an update for Pokemon Go later today which will bring support for Apple’s ARKit feature. ARKit was introduced with iOS 11 earlier this year. It’s a new framework which enables developers to create powerful augmented reality experiences for iOS devices. The report suggests that this Pokemon Go update might be out as soon as later today.

Niantic To Revamp Their First AR Game ‘Ingress’ In 2018

These days many might associate developer Niantic with Pokemon GO, but for those who are unfamiliar, Niantic actually started out as a startup under Google where they debuted an augmented reality (AR) game called Ingress way back in 2012, although it’s safe to say that it never quite took off the same way Pokemon GO did.

Niantic Harry Potter Game Won’t End Support For Pokemon Go

Niantic’s augmented reality-powered Pokemon Go became an instant hit globally. There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months about the next AR-powered game from the developer. Niantic recently confirmed that it’s developing a Harry Potter game. The developer has now confirmed that just because the Harry Potter game is in the pipeline, it doesn’t mean that Niantic is going to end support for Pokemon Go.

Harry Potter AR Game Being Developed By Pokemon Go Creators

You may have heard of a little something known as Pokemon Go. The augmented reality game instantly became popular across the globe after it was released. It’s safe to say that Niantic’s efforts with this title were very successful. It was rumored not too long ago that Niantic might be working on a Harry Potter augmented reality title. The creators of Pokemon Go have now confirmed that they’re indeed developing […]

Niantic Hints That Its Next AR Game Could Incorporate Audio Cues

Niantic is probably best known for their augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon GO, which served to prove that AR gaming could be the next big thing, or at least an avenue that developers could explore. However it seems that they don’t just want to be known for Pokemon GO because the company is already hinting at its next project.

Pokemon CEO Hints At Trading & Battling Feature For Pokemon GO

While legendary Pokemon might have arrived for Pokemon GO finally after about a year or so, there are still a couple of other highly-requested features that have yet to make its debut, namely in the form of being able to trade Pokemon with other players, as well as peer-to-peer battling, both of which are kind of the cornerstones of the Pokemon RPG.

Niantic Postpones Pokemon GO Events In Europe

Niantic’s Pokemon GO is a game unlike any we’ve seen so far, and given the popularity of the Pokemon franchise, it’s safe to say that Niantic certainly was not prepared for the onslaught of players when they first launched, and they also seemed to have underestimated the number of gamers that would show up at their first event in Chicago.