thx_logoIf you’ve watched movies in the cinema or even at home, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with THX, the audio company that was founded by George Lucas way, way back in the day. However it looks like in 2016, THX will have new management as Razer has announced that they will be acquiring the company.

Now before you get worried about Razer starting to shift THX’s focus away from the cinema and into gaming, you can rest assured knowing that will not be happening, or at least not anytime soon. Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan told The Verge that for the most part, they will be leaving THX’s management and staff intact and will give them their own independence and let them make their own business decisions.

In fact if anything, Razer plans on helping THX grow by giving them access to the company’s global infrastructure. In a post on Medium, THX’s CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor did hint that maybe joint products could be something we can expect in the future. He also had this to say about Razer: “They believe in the incredible collection of world-class audio-visual engineers, software developers, product leaders, and industry experts that make up THX, as well as the team that supports them operationally.”

However like we said, THX is expected to maintain their independence so until both companies say otherwise, it’s business as usual for now.

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