In a few days’ time, Bethesda will be releasing Skyrim Special Edition, which in case you missed the announcement at E3 earlier this year, is effectively a remastered version of the game with brand new graphics. So the question is, should you spend your money on it even if you’ve completed the game?

If you’re all about the graphics, the simple answer is yes. The folks at PlayStation Access have recently launched a video in which the graphics of Skyrim Special Edition on the PS4 is compared to the original game on the PS3, and we guess we probably don’t have to tell you that the differences are astounding.

Now by no means is the PS3 version “bad”. It looked for its time, and to a certain extent it still holds up pretty well today, although it is definitely not quite comparable to today’s games with their more modern and realistic graphics. But like we said, the differences are pretty damn obvious and you would be hardpressed to not see them.

For gamers who don’t necessarily prioritize graphics, the game could be worth replaying again as the new graphics does lend a different experience which could enhance the gameplay even further. Skyrim Special Edition is set for a release on the 28th of October (27th for some markets) and will be available across the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

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