There is a good reason why Google Glass has been banned and met with a lot of resistance by some members of the public. This is because of the fact that the headset comes with a built-in camera, meaning that you could record video and take photos of other people without them necessarily knowing about it.


However it seems that in case you didn’t think Google Glass was subtle enough with its recording, over in Japan there exists the Smabow baseball cap, which if you check it out in the video above, is basically a baseball cap that has a mount for either a smartphone or camera. This means you could walk around with the device strapped to your head and record photos and videos from a POV perspective.

According to the description by its creators, “Designed to fit almost all smartphones (all the iPhones, all the Galaxy S’s, all the Sony Xperias, and so on) as well as GoPro cameras, the Smabow Camera Hat allows you to shoot all those cool and dramatic first-person videos you see everywhere these days leaving your hands free.”

That being said, the hat itself does not come cheap at $42. Now who would need such a device remains to be seen, but to be fair with vlogging being especially popular these days, we reckon not many people will bat an eye should you walk around with a smartphone strapped to your head.

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