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Twitter has an abuse problem, there’s no denying it. The company has taken a lot of steps to fix this but it’s just not there yet. The abuse problem is perceived to be so bad and it was even said that Disney dropped its bid for Twitter just because it didn’t want to associate itself with such negativity, with it have a family-friendly image and all. Twitter today promised to make some “meaningful” safety improvements next month.


Twitter has said today that it’s going to make meaningful changes to its “safety policy, product, and enforcement strategy.” It hasn’t gone into the details as yet so we’ll have to wait until next month to find out for sure what changes it’s going to make.

The aim with this upcoming update is to give users more control over their Twitter experience by offering them the “most important safety features.” Only time will tell whether these steps will be able to contain the racist and violent vitriol that’s unfortunately prevalent on the microblogging network.

Twitter really does need to get it right this time as it has made similar assurances in the past but those steps haven’t really solved the problem. With lagging user growth and an uncertain future, Twitter needs this more than anyone else.

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