zte-project-csxBack in August, ZTE announced an interesting idea which basically involved crowdsourcing ideas for their next smartphone. Dubbed Project CSX, it looks like we finally have a “winner” device which will come with features such as eye-tracking, and also a self-adhesive backing that lets it stick to surfaces.

So what exactly are these features? Basically with eye-tracking, the idea is that it will use the phone’s front-facing cameras to track your eye movement to see where you are looking at. This is supposed to help users scroll through pages or books without having to use their hands. It could also be used to skip through videos.

As for the self-adhesive backing, this is supposed to let the user stick the phone on a variety of surfaces without it falling off. This isn’t exactly a new concept as in the past, we have seen skins/cases for smartphones that lets them stick it onto surfaces like glass temporarily without falling off, although in ZTE’s case they want to build it into the body itself.

There is no word on when this handset will be released, but ZTE is scheduling it for 2017. Will it be a success? You would think that a phone that has features as voted on by the public would be successful, but sometimes what works as an idea doesn’t necessarily translate so well in real-life, but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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