Has there ever been a time when you wish that you could simply “glue” your iPhone onto a glass surface? There are a variety of reasons why you might want to do that, i.e. placed on the door of your microwave (while it is off, of course) as a way to read recipes off it while you cook, or perhaps sticking it onto your mirror to help take a photo of yourself or maybe even on your car’s window so that your phone can double up as a GPS device. In any case if that sounds like a good idea, you might be interested in the Resin line by Uguard.me.


This is pretty much a skin that the iPhone user will have to apply onto the back of their device, and pressing it against a clean glass surface should allow the phone to stick onto the surface for short periods of time. Thanks to its texture, the Resin surface should also provide iPhone users with better grip. It’s supposedly easy to remove and should not leave any residue. Each Resin sticker will set you back about $20 so for more info or to place your order, pop on over to Uguard.me’s website.

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