pokemon-goHave you caught every Pokemon available in Pokemon GO? We wouldn’t be surprised if many gamers have (not including the ones that are exclusive to certain countries), and if you are looking forward to more Pokemon, you’re in for a treat because according to PokeVS (via VentureBeat), there will 100 Pokemon added to the game in next month’s update.

Pokemon GO’s paying customers have reportedly been on the decline presumably due to the lack of any major features that players can truly excited over. While many of the updates Niantic has released to date are decent, we guess what players are really looking forward to are player battles and trading, and those are some of the features rumored for next month’s update along with the 100 new Pokemon.

According to PokeVS, code has been discovered that has suggested that we can expect a major update next month. Mew and Mewtwo are some of the legendary Pokemons that will be part of the 100 added to the game, along with player versus player battles, and trading. Like we said, these are some of the most demanded features so it will be great news if the rumors are true.

Note that Niantic has never denied that these are features that would be coming to the game, it’s just that we never had a date to look forward to, at least until now. Take it with a grain of salt, as always, but here’s hoping the rumors come true!

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