macbook-pro-without-touch-barIt seems that some 15-inch MacBook Pros are affected by a bug that seems to cause the system to misreport that GPU that is installed on it. According to several user reports, users are claiming that instead of identifying the Intel HD Graphics 530 chipset that is supposed to be the integrated GPU in their laptop, the system is instead listing an Intel Iris Pro 580 GPU.


Naturally this has led to confusion as some customers thought that they might have somehow gotten an upgrade. It also led to a bit of discontent as this inconsistency was also discovered on MacBook Pros shown off in Apple’s retail stores, leading some to believe that Apple was running higher-specced laptops that could potentially mislead customers, but thankfully that is not the case.

According to a source of AppleInsider, this is simply a bug and that the innards and performance of the laptops that customers bought are as advertised. “The problem is a result of mistaken communication between the System Information developer team, and the hardware team. The [Intel HD Graphics] 530 is reporting to the OS right, it’s the System Information app database that’s leading users down the primrose path.”

Apple has yet to acknowledge the bug and comment on it, and we have no idea when a fix will be issued to address this problem, but if you do see it when you check your MacBook Pro’s system information, you need not be alarmed.

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