adobe-premiere-vr-360-editing-interbeeAfter announcing VR Editing in Adobe Premiere back in April 2016, Adobe formally introduced the feature a bit later in the spring. Adobe is now on the show floor of Inter Bee 2016 (a professional broadcast trade show in Tokyo, Japan) to demonstrate and promote VR Editing in Japan, a country where 360 cameras have sparked a lot of interest among professionals.

This was revealed in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC “Spring 2016 Update”: Adobe Premiere can include 360-degrees “VR” footage into its projects and supports standard 360-video formats, including stereo VR (left/right streams). Within the editing interface, new tools have been added to let the editor turn the 360-camera in any position to check the video from multiple angles.

VR video editing can be sometimes challenging because, in a 2D environment, it’s much easier for the editor to see all the action. When working on a 360 VR video, the 2D workstation monitor can only show a fraction of the total action. At the same time, the end-user can look anywhere he/she wants, so the video needs to be perfect from every angle.

At Inter Bee 2016, Adobe was demonstrating all these new capabilities to a savvy crowd of video professionals. Until now, the proliferation of 360 cameras in Japan has been very fast, and there are a lot of custom designs that typically never make it out of the country. The software packages were a little bit behind, and that probably created some headwind in terms of content quality. Things should improve from now on.

And since major platforms such as YouTube support 360 videos, Adobe has integrated a direct to YouTube export option, for those who would rather automate that too.

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