Google announced its Daydream virtual reality platform earlier this year and while it has released its own Daydream VR-compatible smartphones, the company’s OEM partners will support the platform in their future devices as well. Google has placed some strict hardware requirements to ensure that those devices are capable of delivering the VR experience that it promises, one of the conditions is that Daydream VR-compatible smartphones must absolutely have an at least full HD display.

The requirements have been mentioned in detail in the updated Android Compatibility Definition Document for Android 7.0 Nougat. It lays down all of the conditions that a handset must meet if it’s to be deemed Daydream-ready.

Google has made it mandatory for Daydream-ready phones to have at least 2 physical cores, a sustained performance mode, support for Vulkan Hardware Level 0, HEVC, and VP9. There are countless other requirements that are mentioned in detail on the official Android website.

There’s not much clarity right now as far as processor requirements are concerned. ZTE has already announced that its Snapdragon 820-powered Axon 7 is Daydream-ready while Qualcomm has said that only the Snapdragon 821 has support for Daydream VR.

Hopefully, there will be more clarity about all of this when Daydream-compatible smartphones from other manufacturers arrive on the scene. If you want one right now, you’ll have to opt for a Google Pixel.

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