One of the unique features of the new MacBook Pros would be the Touch Bar. In case you somehow missed the news, the Touch Bar is an OLED strip with touch capabilities, giving users access to different functions depending on the app that they are using. According to Apple, it is meant to be an extension of your keyboard.


In fact Apple’s guidelines on developing for the Touch Bar seem a bit strict, but it seems that some have forsaken the rules, such as Facebook engineer Adam Bell who managed to install Doom onto the Touch Bar. Of course the width and height of the Touch Bar hardly makes it an ideal home for Doom, but we guess that’s not really the point.

In fact it doesn’t even look playable, as you can see in the video above. However in Bell’s tweet, he also managed to use the Touch Bar to display the HUD of Doom, where players can look at their health points, ammo, stats, weapons, and more, which we reckon is probably a lot more useful. Could we see other game developers adopt this feature in the future? Here’s hoping so because it’s actually a pretty rad idea. What do you guys think?

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