Google Wallet may no longer support physical debit cards but the service is still alive and well, and today it’s making it very easy for users to send and receive money with the cards that they already have. A new Google Wallet web app has been launched today which allows users to access the Wallet using any web browser. They can then send and receive payments as long as they have a debit card tied to their Google account.

It’s not like prior to the launch of the web app it wasn’t even possible to do this. The Google Wallet app has been available for a long time and Android Pay can also be used to send money.

The web app itself has a Material Design so it’s in line with the overall look and feel you get from Google’s various services. The interface is actually quite similar to the Google Wallet app for Android and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Google Wallet is a bit different than other services since it’s basically meant to facilitate person-to-person payments. It’s quite good at making that happen and the new web app is only going to make things easier for users who use this service often to send and receive money.

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