The Hitman season finale may have been released recently but it’s not like the game won’t receive any updates going forward that improve and enhance the experience. The Hitman November update brings a handful of bug fixes, improvements as well as a new feature called offline profile. The profile allows players to take all unlockable items they have earned online with them offline so they have access to their rewards even if the servers are down.


Unlockable items that can be taken offline include “all mastery items; including weapons, gear, starting/pickup locations as well as Elusive Target suit rewards and Challenge Pack unlocks,” confirms developer IO Interactive.

This update brings bug fixes and additional improvements that enhance the gameplay experience. Players will now see a Silent Assassin rating on the score screen after they complete a mission, experience improved consistency for Elusive Target Challenges and find opportunity completion checkmarks.

Hitman November update adds a new ability for Agent 47 to pull people over balconies or out of windows when he’s hanging on a ledge or below the balcony or window. However, there’s a known issue for this move and IO Interactive has confirmed that this move is going to be removed with the December update. This update is rolling out for Hitman on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide today.

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