meizu-edgelessMany are eagerly anticipating next year’s iPhone simply because many are curious about its design, especially with the rumors that the 2017 iPhone will be majorly revamped and we could be seeing an edgeless display. However Xiaomi beat Apple to the punch with the Mi Mix, and now it looks like Meizu could be following suit.

According to a couple of renders that were posted on Weibo in China, images of an alleged Meizu handset has surfaced which also shows off its almost-bezel-less display. Apparently this Meizu handset could be announced as soon as next month, but it is unclear as to what the name of the device might be, or more importantly, if the images are even real.

We have to say that as far as renderings are concerned, this isn’t exactly the best we’ve seen. If anything it looks like a concept that someone cooked up quickly as opposed to being an official press image, but it is possible that someone might have drawn it up based on insider information. The specs of the device are unknown, but judging from the image we can expect a similar ultrasonic fingerprint sensor hidden underneath its display.

Assuming this is real, we wonder how it will fare against the Xiaomi Mi Mix which sold out its first batch in 10 seconds. We are also hearing that Samsung has a similar design planned for the Galaxy S8, but until then take it all with a grain of salt for now.

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