Pokemon Sun and Moon appears to be off to a good start. While the company is yet to confirm official sales figures for the new game, the shipment numbers are in and they show that demand is likely going to be very high over the coming days. Nintendo has shipped more than 10 million copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon across the globe.

It’s important to understand the distinction between sales and shipments. The latter reflects units that have been shipped by the company but not necessarily sold to end users. So many of these units might still be on the shelves, but greater shipment numbers do show that retailers are placing larger orders as they expect demand to be high.

Famitsu reports that the launch day shipment of Pokemon Sun and Moon was more than 10 million units. That’s 1.5 times bigger than the launch shipment volume of Pokemon X and Y. This also means that Pokemon Sun and Moon is now the biggest launch release of any Nintendo 3DS game in history. That’s pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree?

Pokemon Sun and Moon may very well become the best selling game for the Nintendo 3DS. That title is currently with Pokemon X and Y which sold more than 15.6 million copies across the globe ever since it was launched.

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