Oculus-Rift-5When the Oculus Rift was first announced, the specs required for a PC to be able to run it was relatively high. Or at least it was high enough to give some gamers pause and at the same time made it out of reach for gamers with lower-end rigs. Last month Oculus announced that they would be taking steps to change that by lowering the requirements via “asynchronous timewarp”.

The good news for gamers who are wondering when that time will come, it looks like it is finally here. Oculus has recently announced that asynchronous spacewarp (different from timewarp) is finally here and available. According to the company, they have described it as “a technique that extrapolates frames and lets VR titles run at up to half rate, while delivering a visual experience that’s almost as good as native 90hz rendering!”

Basically it means that it will allow for lower-end machines to use the Rift headset. Of course that does not mean that all rigs will be able to handle it, but as long as you have a relatively decent setup, it should not be an issue. For those wanting specifics, Oculus says, “This functionality has been enabled on all current-generation AMD GPUs (RX 400 series) and previous- or current-generation Nvidia GPUs (GTX 900 or 1000 series).”

For more details on asynchronous timewarp and spacewarp, head on over to the company’s developer website.

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