overwatch-sombraWe know that Blizzard has a new Overwatch character they are working on called Sombra. The company has been leaving clues for players to find and thanks to a post on Reddit (via GameSpot), it seems that the artwork of Sombra has been leaked (see image to the right) ahead of its potential reveal at BlizzCon 2016 which will be taking place this weekend.

We should point out that this image seems to be pretty legit because it was actually discovered in Blizzard’s Overwatch merchandise store, meaning that we’re not talking about an upload to a shady unknown third-party website. It has also been signed by John Polidora, whose job is described as a “Blizzard/Overwatch illustrator, concept artist, and character designer” on ArtStation, so it is clear that this is the work of a Blizzard employee and not a fan version.

The image has since been removed but the artwork does seem to give away some of her potential abilities. The image shows the character standing on the hand of Omnic and with purple power strings linking her hand to the robot’s, indicating that maybe she has some kind of control over it.

In any case we guess more details will be revealed this coming weekend, so if you are excited to see what Sombra could bring to the table in Overwatch, check back with us this weekend for the details.

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