overwatch_summer_gamesThe thing about online multiplayer games is that sometimes you do come across a team of players that you really enjoy playing with. For example in World of Warcraft when you team up with random players in dungeons, you have the option of continuing to run more dungeons while keeping the same players.

It looks like a similar feature has been introduced to Overwatch’s PTR. According to the patch notes, “Added a ‘Stay as Team’ feature, which allows players to remain grouped with their teammates after the match has ended.” Like we said, sometimes the chemistry and team dynamics is so good that you guys just want to keep playing together, and now this feature will let you do that.

Of course you could always add them as friends and form a new game, but if you’d rather not lose the momentum than this should come in handy. This feature is only available on the PTR at the moment, which means that it should find its way to the main game after the patch has been rolled out.

If you can’t wait for the feature to arrive for the main game, not to worry as Blizzard’s website does provide you with the necessary instructions to get the PTR up and running on your computer. Note that PTR stands for Public Test Realm which means that sometimes features don’t always work as they should, so they shouldn’t be seen as the final product.

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