switch_toys_r_usThe pricing of the Nintendo Switch is really anyone’s guess at the moment. We can only assume that Nintendo will probably consider pricing it around the same price point as the current-gen consoles, if not cheaper. This is because going more expensive will probably not do them any favors, especially with gamers being a bit disillusioned following the Wii U.

Now an earlier report suggested that the console could be priced at around £199.99 in the UK, which after conversion is roughly $250 in the US. Now thanks to a new report based on a listing by Toys R Us Canada, it seems that we are looking a very similar price. If the Canada listing is accurate, the Nintendo Switch could be priced at around CAD$330, which after conversion brings it to around $240.

Like we said, this makes it very close to the previous report which claims that Nintendo will price the Switch based on direct conversion of the price in the UK. Of course it is entirely possible that maybe Toys R Us Canada is using the same information to price the Switch, but then again as a major retailer, we reckon that they should be in the know, right?

In any case Nintendo is still keeping mum on the pricing and they are only expected to reveal the details of the console come 12th of January, 2017, a couple of months ahead of its release. In the meantime how do you guys feel about the price of the Switch? At $240 it is certainly very affordable, isn’t it?

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