Microsoft’s primary coding tool has always locked developers to the Windows platform as they couldn’t get the tool for its biggest rival, Mac OS. That changes today. Microsoft confirmed through a blog post that it’s releasing Visual Studio for the Mac. This may not make sense to most people who don’t keep up with news about developer tools, but many have actually been waiting for this to happen for a very, very long time. They will certainly appreciate that Visual Studio is being released for Mac.

This is all part of Microsoft’s strategic shift towards its cloud offerings. Programming tasks were normally carried out on local servers in the past but most developers now used cloud services like Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS because they don’t lock them into a specific platform.

Microsoft will want to retain professional users who want to have the flexibility to work on their projects through any platform that they want so it’s imperative that Visual Studio be available for the second most popular operating system out there. Mac users will no longer need to set up a virtual Windows machine just to be able to use this development tool.

Microsoft is going to release a preview of Visual Studio for Mac later this week at its Connect() conference. Further details will be revealed at the event.

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