YouTube today announced that it’s going to improve the comments section on the world’s biggest video platform by giving more control to creators who actually contribute all of the content that you and I consume for free. The changes are aimed at making the YouTube community’s conversations easier and more personal with creators.

One of the biggest changes that it has made is the ability to pin comments. Creators on YouTube can now promote a specific comment by pinning it to the top of a video’s comment feed. This enables them to highlight meaningful engagement from their fans or share more information with their audience.

Viewers will be able to tell easily when a comment is coming from the creator as their usernames will now appear under the text in a colorful manner so that it’s evident that the comment came from the creator. Creators can show some love to commenters by giving a heart to acknowledge their comments, it’s a fun new way to acknowledge comments from the community.

YouTube is also introducing a new beta feature which will enable creators to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. If they choose to opt-in to this feature, comments identified as potentially inappropriate by the algorithm will automatically be held and it will be up to the creator to decide whether or not they should be hidden, approved or reported.

These new features are now rolling out to all creators on YouTube.

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