The “Ok Google” command lets you do a lot of things on an Android device but the command wasn’t supported by Android Auto when it was launched more than two years ago. It has taken a long time for Ok Google support to arrive for Android Auto but now it finally has. Drivers will now be able to fully control the infotainment system using nothing but voice commands, thus eliminating the need to take hands off the steering wheel.

The latest version of the Android Auto app and the Google app will be required to use Ok Google functionality. The Ok Google detection menu can be found inside the Google app from where a couple of settings can be configured.

Ok Google wakes up the Android device to respond to a wide variety of voice commands which enable it to accomplish tasks such as replying to messages and emails, setting reminders, making calendar appointments, and more. All of this can now be done hands-free inside the car with Android Auto.

Given the recent expansion of Android Auto that enables more people to easily use the infotainment system in the car, support for Ok Google is going to go a long way in making life easier for drivers who rely on this system to get stuff done while they’re behind the wheel.

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