Many were surprised by the lack of features when Google launched its new Podcasts app. It didn’t have Cast support, auto-downloading, and compatibility with Android Auto. The company is rectifying at least one of things today. It has added support for Android Auto to the Podcasts app.

Most people tend to listen to podcasts on their commutes. It makes perfect sense to do so. It was thus surprising to see that Android Auto support was not a part of the new Podcasts app when it was released not too long ago.

The latest version of the Podcasts app finally brings Android Auto support. This means that users will now be able to listen to their podcasts when their phone is hooked up to an Android Auto compatible system in the car. It will also be easier for them to control the various options as the controls would be optimized for the in-car experience.

The navigation drawer has four separate groups: Your Podcasts, New Episodes, Downloads, and In Progress. There are Next and Previous buttons within the player aside from buttons for going back by 10 seconds or forward by 30. Those who are using Android Auto need to update to the latest version of the app to get podcasts support.

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