apple-macbook-pro-2The other day it was reported that Consumer Reports would not be recommending Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro. The reason is due to the inconsistent battery life that they found in their testing, in which it varied from 3.75 hours and up to 19.5 hours, so as you can see it was too varied to be consistent.


However Apple seems to have taken some issue with Consumer Reports’ testing and in a recent tweet by Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, he said that the company would be working with Consumer Reports to iron out the inconsistencies between the different testing methods and results.

His tweet reads, “Working with CR to understand their battery tests. Results do not match our extensive lab tests or field data.” In case you’re wondering about Consumer Reports’ testing methods, the organization basically set the monitors at a uniform brightness at 100 nits, and download a series of 10 web pages until the batteries on the laptops ran out.

They also initially ran the tests on Safari, but later switched to Chrome as a control. We’re not sure if Apple and Consumer Reports will work something out that could change their recommendation, but in the meantime if this holds up, it will be the first time Consumer Reports does not recommend Apple’s MacBook Pro.

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