AT&T has been setting up its 5G network and the carrier today announced that the next-generation network has now gone live, at least for one business customer in Austin, Texas. This marks the first 5G business customer trial for 5G in the United States, AT&T says that this is the first trial “to our knowledge.” The carrier is using millimeter wave technology to power a 5G network experience in one of Intel’s Austin, Texas offices.


“We expect mmWave technology to be an important part of 5G. The trial will help accelerate our 5G work by shedding new light on how the technology acts in a business environment,” said SVP of Network Product Management at AT&T Rick Hubbard.

AT&T has been working on its 5G network with Ericsson. It has already conducted its first public 5G demo with the company in which it showcased 4K HD video streaming, real-time camera feeds, and hit speeds of up to 14 gigabits per second.

It’s taking the technology it worked on with Ericsson into the field by powering a 5G trial experience for Intel. This trial will help the carrier explore what benefits its 5G network can provide to a real-world business customer.

Multiple enterprise proof of concept use cases will be tested during the trial with more than a gigabit per second bandwidth. Use cases include VPN, internet access, Unified Communications applications, and 4K video streaming.

It’s a step in the right direction but it’s going to be a while before you and I can get in on the 5G action.

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