att_call_protectGetting spam messages and spam emails is pretty bad as it is, but those can be ignored and they don’t really take that much time out of your day. Spam calls on the other hand can be annoying. Imagine you’re busy or you’re driving and a number calls you and you answer, only to find out that it’s a recorded message on the other end.


The good news is that AT&T wants to put an end to that and have since launched a new service called Call Protect. This service will automatically block calls that are suspected to be fraudulent in nature and will also issues to calls that are thought to be spam so that you can save your time by not picking up.

According to AT&T senior VP Jeff Bradley, “Nuisance calls are an industry-wide problem that unfortunately affect many people. We’ve listened to our customers and know they want a network that provides tools to proactively assist in blocking nuisance calls. AT&T Call Protect, along with others, will help put customers more in control of the calls they receive.”

If you’re interested in checking out the feature and see which devices or service plans are compatible with it, then head on over to AT&T’s website for the details.

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