It has already been confirmed that there’s a new standalone Batman movie in the pipeline and this time it’s Ben Affleck who’s going to play our favorite Caped Crusader. Details about the plot are slim at this point in time and it hasn’t been confirmed when this movie is going to be released. However, some new information has surfaced online which suggests that the Ben Affleck Batman movie release is likely going to be set in 2018.

DC confirmed recently that the Aquaman movie is going to be released in October 2018. It’s now believed that the Ben Affleck Batman movie is going to be released in the same year.

Den of Geek reports that Warner has set two 2018 release dates for DC movies. October 5th for Aquaman and July 27th for what might have been The Flash movie but given that the project has lost its second director, it’s quite likely that the Batman movie might be released in July 2018.

Earlier this year in September, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said that the upcoming Batman movie was “a year and a half out.” This points towards a potential release in 2018. Granted, all of this is circumstantial evidence at this point in time, but that’s what the fandom is going with right now.

The studio and distributor haven’t officially confirmed anything about the Ben Affleck Batman movie release date so far and it’s unlikely that they will say anything before 2017 at the very least.

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