There have been several reports over the past couple of weeks that Google has started rolling out 4K content in Google Play but it wasn’t available for everyone and those who did see the option noticed that the company wasn’t charging different prices for it. That changes today. You can now buy 4K movies from Google Play.

4K video content is now available for rent for purchase via the Google Play Store. The list of 4K titles isn’t exhaustive by any means but Google is certainly going to keep adding titles to it in the coming weeks and months.

One big caveat here is that 4K video content is only being offered to users in the United States and Canada. It goes without saying that this will soon go live for users in other regions as well. It’s likely that there will be more content in the list once that happens.

A total of 125 4K movies are available via Google Play at launch. The prices have been updated as well. Users can rent a 4K movie for $7.99 and purchase it for $29.99. Not all titles can be bought or rented, some 4K titles can only be bought, not rented and vice versa.

A 4K display or TV is required to view the content in all its Ultra HD glory.

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