parknycThe problem with old school parking meters is that you’ll always need to have spare change in order to pay for parking. This can be problematic as sometimes you don’t have change, or you don’t have the amount you need, which can sometimes lead to drivers taking a gamble by not paying for parking and hoping they don’t get caught.

However in the future there will be pretty much no excuse for not paying for parking because over in New York City, it has been announced that drivers will soon be able to pay for street parking using their smartphones. This is thanks to a partnership between the city and Parkmobile where drivers can download an app which they can use to pay for parking in the future.

Not only is this more convenient and removes the excuse of not having change, but it is also more convenient as drivers can use the app to remotely extend their parking time by topping it up using their phones, as opposed to having to rush back to their cars. The rollout of this new system is expected to begin this month where signs and decals on the side of Muni-Meters will identify the system’s availability.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, “Parking in New York City can be a challenge, but ParkNYC will make it just a bit easier. With no paper receipt and the ability to quickly get on your way, this new pay-by-cell tool fulfills our commitment – made in this year’s State of the City address – that we would help save New Yorkers the most precious of resources: their time.”

If you’re living in NYC and want to find out how this works, head on over to ParkNYC’s website for the details on how to get an account setup.

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