Elon Musk is hailed as a visionary of our time as he’s involved in projects that include shifting the world to clean solar energy, speeding up mass transit, and putting a man on Mars. His next project might be something quite different. Musk might actually launch a “boring company” because he was so fed up with traffic recently that he came up with the idea to dig tunnels in order to circumvent surface traffic.

Musk tweeted yesterday that the traffic was driving him nuts, “am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…” he added. Now, to be fair, we’ve all have this though when we’re stuck in traffic but we don’t really have the resources to do something like that.

He then tweeted a series of “boring” puns before sending out what appears to be a confirmation that he’s actually going to launch a company that does this as its business. “I am actually going to do this,” Musk tweeted.

As if that wasn’t enough, Musk even added “Tunnels (yes, tunnels)” to his Twitter bio which already lists OpenAi, Tesla, and SpaceX as his existing projects.

Only time will tell if Musk is playing an early April Fools joke on us all or whether he really is serious about disrupting how traffic moves above ground.

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