gdocs-citationsWhen it comes to writing term papers in school, the importance of citing your sources is important. The format of the citation is also equally just as important as different types of academic papers may call for different styles of citation. We understand that it is pretty confusing, but not to worry as Google Docs will make your life easier.

In an announcement on the blog, Google has revealed that they’ve made some updates to the Explore feature in Google Docs in which users can now easily create citations for their reports. “Students writing research reports, analysts crafting whitepapers, and others looking to credit their sources can now insert citations as footnotes with the click of a button in Explore in Docs on the web. You can even change the format of your citation, switching between the MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.”

Like we said there are various citation styles but with this update to Google Docs, you will be able to pick from a few of them depending on what is required of you. This also saves users time and effort in having to memorize how the citations are written and their format, which like we said can get confusing at times. So if you aren’t using Google Docs for your term papers, maybe this could be a good reason to.

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