Google’s services are used by billions of people across the globe so one can’t even begin to imagine the kind of processing power the company’s services need to provide a decent user experience. Google’s facilities need a lot of power to keep everything up and running but the company doesn’t want its data centers to be a burden on the environment. Google says that it’s going to use 100 percent renewable energy for its global operations starting next year.

The company’s engineers have been working hard to perfect its data centers, it claims that they are 50 percent more energy efficient than the industry average. It has been purchasing renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint and will start to rely on clean energy completely from next year.

It’s going to use 100 percent renewable energy for its offices and data centers. It’s going to directly buy wind and solar electricity annually so that every unit of electricity its operations consume globally comes from a sustainable source.

Google has also launched a new environment website where it’s going to share stories of how it’s finding new ways to do more while using less energy. It’s going to highlight some of its clean energy initiatives through this new website as well.

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