iphone-7-plus-double-camera-BCould Apple’s decision to release the iPhone 7 that’s so similar to the iPhone 6 and 6s be a mistake? Some have certainly suggested that it was, although early numbers have suggested that the phone was doing just fine, or is it? According to a report from Nikkei, it seems that Apple might not be selling as many iPhones as they would like.

So much so that if the report is accurate, Apple is looking to cut back production by as much as 10%. Now 10% might seem like a lot, but given the number of iPhones Apple tends to sell on an annual basis, 90% is still a lot of phones that they could sell, assuming that they were to exhaust their inventory, but at the same time cutting back production isn’t a good sign either.

This year is actually a year of firsts for Apple, like earlier this year when Apple for the first time ever experienced a decline in iPhone sales, which unfortunately seemed to be a trend through the quarters of 2016. It is possible that price, market saturation, and alternatives from a dozen other Chinese OEMs could be the reason for this decline.

However 2017 is the year Apple is expected to introduce radical changes to the iPhone lineup, such as using OLED displays, getting rid of the physical home button, and giving the phone an edgeless display. Whether or not that will revive iPhone sales remains to be seen, but for now things certainly aren’t looking as good as they used to.

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