macbook-pro-thunderbolt-3With the new MacBook Pros, Apple is boasting that users should be able to get about 10 hours worth of battery life out of the laptop. Unfortunately it seems that there are some users who aren’t exactly getting those speeds. According to a report from the MacRumors forums (via MacRumors), users are claiming that they are seeing 3-6 hours instead.

One user by the name of SRTM says, “Currently I’m powering a 1080p external monitor and casually browsing with Chrome. At full charge, I’m getting an estimate of 3 hours battery life. With gaming it’s even less.” Another user who goes by Aioriya claims, “I bought a maxed out 13-inch Touch Bar model and I’ve been using it for about a week. With light use, I’ve been consistently getting around 5-6.5 hours when mainly browsing. Apple claims 10 hours wireless web but my battery has never lasted this long.”

Clearly these are nowhere near the advertised battery life. Now there are many reasons why battery life varies from user to user, but with quite a few users complaining that they are getting far below what’s advertised, it does seem that there should be some cause for concern. However this seems to be a different story where reviews of the laptops have found that they do indeed come close to the advertised battery life.

Like we said, it does vary from user to user and your settings and what you do with the laptop, but hopefully it is nothing major. Any of our readers with the new MacBook Pros also experiencing lower than expected battery?

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