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Sony announced the new God of War PlayStation 4-exclusive game at the E3 gaming conference earlier this year but its Santa Monica Studio hasn’t provided more details about the game since. This led many fans to give up hope for the title even though the studio hasn’t said anything to suggest that development on the new God of War game has stalled. That couldn’t be further from the truth as God of War game director Cory Barlog today revealed that the game has achieved a major development milestone.

Barlog was responding to a God of War fan that reached out to him on Twitter, saying that he had given up on news related to the title. The game director responded with the revelation that God of War has achieved an important development milestone, it can now be played from the beginning to the end.

Basically, what this means is that Sony Santa Monica Studio has completed a big chunk of the development work on this title. However, it merits mentioning here that just because the studio has been able to do a full playthrough, it doesn’t mean that the game is ready for public release.

For all we know, the new God of War game may be far from being finished at this point in time. No further information about the title has been revealed as yet so it can’t be said for sure right now how far it is from completion. However, it’s a good sign that a full playthrough can now be done.

Fans of the franchise should keep their fingers crossed for the confirmed God of War release date to be made public in 2017.

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