Our consoles have come a long way in terms of performance. Back with the PS4, gamers who wanted higher resolution and better frame rates had to purchase the PS4 Pro, but that changed with the PS5 which can obviously handle games at higher performances. But what about games that were designed for previous-gen consoles?

While we can’t speak for all the games, for those who are still playing the 2018 release of God of War or who want a reason to replay the game, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has announced that they will be releasing a patch for the game which when played on the PS5, will enable it to run at 4K resolution at a smooth-as-silk 60 fps.

As the studio notes, the original game came with two options – one that allowed gamers to choose between performance (higher frame rates) and resolution (higher-resolution textures to make the game look more “realistic”). However, the patch essentially means that gamers on the PS5 won’t have to choose between either as both will be enabled at the same time.

Granted, the game is considered a bit old and we’re sure that many gamers have since moved onto other titles, but playing it at both 4K resolution and 60 fps could result in a different experience that some gamers might want to replay just to check it out. The patch will be released on the 2nd of February so do keep an eye out for it.

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