While companies like Sony and Microsoft were pursuing more traditional console designs and gameplay, Nintendo decided to do something different with the Wii by introducing motion controls. This opened up the door to a whole bunch of different games and gameplay styles, which also helped the Wii become a success.

That being said, why did Nintendo opt to go down this path instead of more traditional designs? In the latest episode of the Unlocked TV Show, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto explained why Nintendo decided to introduce motion gaming. According to Miyamoto, he saw how controls became more complex and complicated, and how there was a drop in the number of people who wanted to get into gaming because of the complexity.

This led to Nintendo creating motion controls presumably in hopes that the intuitive nature of the controls and ease of use would encourage gamers to hop on board. We suppose it’s fair to say that Nintendo had their fair share of success with the Wii, leading other companies like Microsoft and Sony to introduce their own brand of motion gaming with the Kinect and PlayStation Move respectively.

However we guess you guys know that the Wii U unfortunately did not manage to maintain the success, leading to many calling it a flop. However Nintendo’s next-gen console, the Switch, looks particularly promising and hopefully that will bring some of the glory back to the company that they used to enjoy back in the day.

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