NVIDIA is not a car company but it’s among one of the many technology companies that are working on self-driving car technology. It has been working on this endeavor for quite some time now and it has finally been allowed to test it on public roads in California. The state’s DMV has allowed NVIDIA to test its self-driving car technology on the road.

There are more than a few companies on the DMV list that have been allowed to take their technology to the road but not all of them have hit the road as yet. NVIDIA isn’t going to sit around and wait. It has taken to the roads with its technology.

NVIDIA now joins the list of car manufacturers who are allowed to test these cars on public roads in California, the list includes the likes of Google, Tesla, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM, and more.

NVIDIA has designed processors for self-driving cars and it has also created its own test car to put the technology through its paces. The company also confirmed earlier this year that it’s working with Baidu – also known as China’s Google – on an artificial intelligence for autonomous cars.

It’s evident that the company is interested in this space and that it’s going to continue to work for the advancement of self-driving car technology. That certainly doesn’t mean that NVIDIA is going to start making cars now, even the rumor mill has not predicted such a possibility as yet.

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