Image credit - Winaero

Image credit – Winaero

Updates to the operating system are pretty important as they typically contain bug fixes, security patches, and so on. Microsoft has introduced automatic updates which is supposed to prevent users from skipping over potentially important patches, but unfortunately it has a nasty side-effect which is that you sometimes end up waiting when you’re in a rush.

This means that when you’re trying to print out an assignment before it’s due, or if there’s an important Skype meeting that you have to be present in, these updates will cause unnecessary delays. The good news is that in the future, it is possible that you could pause them, according to a report from Winaero (via Gizmodo).

This was discovered in a recently leaked Windows 10 Creator Build update in which as you can see in the screenshot above, there will now be the option of allowing users to hit the pause on Windows 10 updates. This isn’t a 100% pause as it says that it’s good for up to 35 days, but we guess that should give you enough time to find a moment where you’re not as busy and install it.

Unfortunately as Winaero points out, the leaked build which has the feature is a pre-release version of the Windows 10 Creators Update. This means that when the final version is released, there’s no telling if the feature will make the final cut, or if it will be different from what we are looking at right now.

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