meizu-pro-6-plus-official-1The year of 2016 is nearly at an end and what better way to end the year by settling disputes, right? That’s pretty much what Qualcomm and Meizu have done in China where according to a report from Bloomberg, both companies have agreed to settle their licensing-related lawsuit with each other.

For those unfamiliar, Qualcomm and Meizu have been embroiled in a legal battle over licensing, in which the former sued Meizu back in June over the licensing of their patents. This lawsuit was not limited to China and also expanded to other countries around the world, such as the US, Germany, and France.

However with this latest update in the legal situation, it seems that both companies have come to an agreement which not only ends the legal battle in China, but also the countries that we have mentioned above. Meizu has since agreed to pay Qualcomm patent licensing fees similar to those paid by other Chinese OEMs, setting an impressive precedent in a market in which IP laws seem to be pretty difficult to enforce.

We should note that while Qualcomm has ended one legal situation, they are facing another very expensive problem in South Korea, where the country’s antitrust regulators have hit them with over $800 million in fines over alleged antitrust violations.

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