It’s starting to feel that if you wanted to look at the future of self-driving technology, you should turn your eye towards Asia, or to be more specific, Singapore. Not only does the country have self-driving taxis in service, there are also plans to introduce driverless pods, and even self-driving scooters.

Now it seems that over at the country’s Nanyang Technological University, there are plans to deploy autonomous shuttle buses come 2017. These shuttle buses will be able to fit as many as 15 passengers at a time, and will ferry students from the university’s campus to the CleanTech eco-business park that is roughly 1.5 km away.

Developed by French firm Navya, these shuttle buses are called the Arma and like most self-driving vehicles, it will come loaded with a variety of sensors to help detect obstacles, objects, as well as help it figure out where to go. These sensors include Lidar, GPS, and more, as well as the use of cameras. It will be powered by electricity and will come with a battery that should be good for about half a day’s use.

If you’d like to see it in action, check out the video above that was posted onto Facebook by the university.

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