While some drivers might be abusing Tesla’s autopilot feature and trying to turn it into a self-driving feature, which unfortunately has given the company and the feature some bad press, the reality is that it seems to be doing a pretty good job at preventing accidents, even if those accidents aren’t happening to you.

In the video above uploaded by Hans Noordsij, it shows the driver in their Tesla driving along the highway when suddenly the car beeped a warning that a potential crash is imminent. The autopilot feature also apparently managed to apply the brakes and halted the car before the owner had time to react.

Also as you can see, the accident did not even involve the Tesla, but rather two cars ahead of the Tesla that were involved. Granted the Tesla would have been involved had it not braked in time, but talk about being able to read a situation! Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had previously boasted that the autopilot feature would be able to reduce the number of accidents by half, and this video certainly does a good job at conveying that point.

As for those involved in the accident, according to Noordsij it seems that thankfully nobody was seriously hurt despite how bad the footage looked.

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