twitter_logoOn social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, users can edit their posts after they’ve made them. This is a pretty basic function/feature but for some reason after all these years, Twitter has yet to implement an editing feature. Instead users who want to edit tweets have to delete them and post a new one, which isn’t always ideal.


However recently there could be some hope for an edit button in the future as Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey admits that this feature is needed. In a recent series of tweets replying to users, Dorsey wrote, “but yes, a form of edit is def needed. But for everyone, not just those w badges,” suggesting that this feature should be available for everyone and not just those who are “verified”.

He goes on to add, “This is our most requested feature (today & always). Mostly to quickly fix mistakes. Anything beyond would need to show revision history”. Unfortunately apart from admitting that there is a need for the feature, Dorsey did not say if or when such a feature would be implemented, or how it would be implemented.

From what we can tell, Dorsey has some ideas of what kind of editing users would have access to and how it would work, including a revision history so that people can’t backtrack on their tweets by editing it into something else, but like we said, we have no idea when this feature will be implemented, if at all.

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