airthings-wave[CES 2017] The quality of the air that you breath is very important, as clean air ensures you have a healthy mind and body to follow. From there, you are able to make far better decisions in your life. Well, Airthings have stepped to the fore by offering the Airthings Wave — a radon detector that will allow consumers to gain access to critical and yet, potentially life-saving information concerning their indoor air quality. All of this information can be accessed through an app that runs on a smartphone or tablet.

With the Airthings Wave, home owners are able to have instant visibility of the air quality in their home in real-time. Even more important, to check out the presence of indoor radon levels, which is a dangerous gas that not many people know about. Radon gases happen to be the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Radon is an extremely dangerous gas, and Wave can detect it.

"RADON IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS GAS, AND WAVE CAN DETECT IT"The Wave from Airthings will cost $199 a pop, with shipping set to commence some time in early March 2017. Radon levels are present in all homes — just that the degree of it varies, depending on other factors such as climate, ventilation levels, time of year and a range of other factors.

Most of the time, folks would settle for a radon test kit that is based on charcoal canisters. These canisters provide short-term measurement (days) and you have to go through the hassle of sending it to a lab for further analysis. Not with the Airthings Wave, as it offers real-time radon levels and long-term measurement.

Even a little child can interpret what the Wave is trying to say, where a simple visual indicator light that turns green (Good), yellow (Warning) or red (Danger) will function as a marker for those at home.

In addition to radon level readings, the Wave also has temperature and humidity sensors which help to increase the level of accuracy unlike any before. When high radon levels or a low battery is detected, it will emit an audible alarm so that the proper action can be taken. It is said that a pair of AA batteries will be able to power the Wave for up to 2 years, now how about that?

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