Netflix has been creating high-quality original content for a very long time, this includes TV shows and movies, but rival Amazon has beaten it to the prestigious honor of receiving an Oscar nomination for one of its movies. The official nominations were announced today and Amazon picked one up for best picture courtesy of its movie Manchester by the Sea.


Amazon acquired Manchester by the Sea at Sundance in 2016. Amazon Studios paid $10 million for the rights to this movie which stars Casey Affleck in the lead alongside Michelle Williams.

Manchester by the Sea has already received a lot of praise from critics and lead actor Casey Affleck has picked up a Golden Globe for his performance.

The company has therefore beaten Netflix to this prestigious nomination in this particular category but that’s not all, Manchester by the Sea has actually received a total of six Oscar nominations, including one each for best actor, best supporting actress, best supporting actor, and best director.

One of the factors that might have gone in Amazon’s favor is that films backed by the company do debut in theaters whereas the movies Netflix buys normally remain exclusive to its online video streaming service, at least initially.

Netflix did pick up a nomination for The 13th which is a documentary, but then again, this is not the first time that one of its documentaries has received a nod from the academy.

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