AMD was present at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 where it made several announcements and also demonstrated its next-generation Ryzen CPUs and Vega graphics processors. During a press briefing, AMD confirmed that Ryzen is going to be a four-year architecture, which seems apt given that the company spent the same amount of time on developing this architecture. It also revealed that Ryzen CPUs will be unlocked and overclocking ready.

AMD has made no secret of the fact that its new hardware is aimed at the enthusiast PC maker who likes to tinker with the performance of the rig, this is known as overclocking in technical terms, and it’s easier said than done.

The company also confirmed during its briefing that all Ryzen processors will be multiplier unlocked and that those who buy one will be able to overclock it right after taking it out of the box. AMD is not going to be shipping any locked Ryzen CPUs and that’s surely going to be music to the ears of PC enthusiasts.

The Ryzen-ready AM4 motherboards touting the X370, B350, and X300 chipsets all have support for overclocking. The company did point out that Crossfire and SLI support will only be implemented on the X370 chipset. The CPUs themselves will be available in different core counts with the highest being eight cores with support for sixteen threads.

AMD is yet to confirm when it’s going to release Ryzen CPUs but what we do know right now is that the new processors will be out in this quarter.

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